CommText: Communications Consultancy, Copywriting and Document Design
  Clear Text means Effective Business Communication

CommText: communications consultancy, copywriting and document design
Writer and editor,
Pamela Jones
Welcome to CommText

CommText is short for 'communications and text work'.
And that's exactly what we do.

We specialise in writing copy that is structured in an appropriate tone for the company, the product or service and for the target reader.

The range of writing services we offer:

  • Copywriting for promotional materials
  • Copywriting for corporate literature and information packs
  • Plain English documents
  • Writing technical documents
  • Ghostwriting
  • Critique service for stories, novels, poetry and autobiography.

Copywriting for promotional materials

We write original and thought-provoking copy for promotional and marketing communications. Our promotional literature can be quirky and eye-catching or sober and informative. We write brochures, leaflets, flyers and marketing letters. Our head copywriter has written copy for a wide range of promotions, including TV and radio adverts, newspaper campaigns and mail shots; he also has long international experience in the role of creative director. If you'd like to see how we work and what we can do, please contact us. If you send us one of your company documents, we'll be happy to return a re-worked version.

Copywriting for corporate literature and information packs

We can write, in plain English, company literature that will create a positive impression on your customers and clients. Whatever copy your company needs — business letters, customer service letters, standard letters, information packs or web content — we can produce effective, plain English text quickly — and not at advertising agency prices.

Writing technical documents

Our technical writer has many years’ experience in expressing complex ideas in plain English. She writes end-user manuals, clear procedures and training manuals. You’ll be surprised at how clear and effective your technical documents can be.

Other writing and document services

We are a team of writers, trainers and editors who have been helping organisations and individuals produce clear, creative, engaging text and quality documents for over twenty years.

Our experience has been gained in a wide variety of organisations: business and commerce, industry, universities, with the legal profession and in the public sector.

For organisations, we have written clear policy documents, information packs intended for the general public, content for standard and customer service letters, web content, reports, business proposals, and newsletters; for individuals we have written letters of application, CVs, personal statements, business plans and proposals, academic papers, reviews and reports.

As well as business writing services, we offer a ghostwriting service for fictional works and autobiographies. Send us a sample page or two of your notes or work in progress, and we'll show you how we can liven up the text, whilst keeping your intended tone.

Our professional story readers offer a critique service for aspiring writers. Get your book into print, and perhaps onto the bestsellers list by sending us a sample of your work in progress; we will contact you with a few ideas and let you know the cost of a full critique.

Whatever your documents, whoever your readers, we have a specialist who can help you.

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We edit all types of company documents. Because we specialise in plain English, we make sure that your company literature is clear and concise and that your product, services and organisation are presented in a reader-friendly style.

Please see Document Doctor for full details of these professional writing and editing services.

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Report & letter writing training

We run in-company writing courses for report writing, letter writing, writing in plain English, writing procedures, writing effective copy and writing audit reports.

In a few easy-to-learn steps, we can show your employees how to write naturally and fluently.

The Write Way effective writing courses are all based on readability and communication research, but that doesn’t mean they are boring or dull.

Our trainers are well-qualified and experienced and make the writing courses fun and hands-on; our feedback reflects how practical, useful and enjoyable participants find the writing courses.

Our writing courses are valuable training programmes because we tailor them to the participants' needs by basing each writing course on their own letters and reports and on the principles of effective writing and plain English.

We also offer one-to-one writing consultations and a writing coaching service.

Please see The Write Way for full details of these writing courses.

tel: 0845 4818154
mobile: 07956 874194
4 Oxford Road
United Kingdom

Editing Services
Document-Doctor provides a wide range of professional writing and editing services: proofreading; in-depth editing and quality re-writing for all business, academic, technical and policy documents; and for plain legal language.

The Write Way writing courses that can show your employees how to write naturally and confidently. We offer courses in Writing in Plain English, Report Writing, Letter Writing , Writing Audit Reports, Writing Procedures, Writing Copy as well as customised writing courses.

Our wrting courses are practical, hands-on and fun, and they are suitable for any professional group.

How to write clear and effective copy
Writing Effective Documents click here to see our guide to creating clear and effective copy. We've included writing exercises for you to use to try out the techniques.

Writer and trainer,
Pamela Jones,
"My greatest pleasures spring from finding the right word or phrase to express a concept or product, and from helping others to express their thoughts in a way that satisfies and surprises them. I believe that with a few nudges to set us on our way, we can all write in a unique voice to convey our personal and professional messages."

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